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“Eli helped guide us through the unchartered waters of creating a versatile online presence accross a number of devices. We are thankful for his help all along the way, it was much appreciated and a good learning experience for us all – even after we launched, he has continued to share analytics and insights to help us continue improving our customer’s experience.”

- Tony Stenger, Purchasing Manager for Cincinnati Mine Machinery Co.


Working with Tony and the whole Cincinnati Mine Machinery Co. Team was a delight. We set out to take their antiquated site into the 21st century with a mobile responsive design and a complete restructuring of their content/product inventory and how users navigate these channels on the site. We wanted to make it intuitive and quick, which I feel we accomplished. Furthermore, we wanted the site to serve as a resource for technical spec, historical chronicalling of the 90+ year old company. After nearly a year, the site now boasts stats such as ~20k unique page views with an engaged audience who browse for an average of ~1 min and 30 seconds. Overall, we are proud partners in Cincinnati Mine Machinery Co’s online success. See the success for yourself at cinmine.com.


Front-end / HTML & CSS

Web Design

User Interface

Graphics & Illustrations

Information Architecture

User Experience

Interaction Design

Form Handling



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