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“The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences will be an innovative institution of higher learning providing a distinctive curriculum in nursing and health sciences.”

- Christ College’s Vision Statement


This was an exciting turn around. Christ college approached us with a site that looked like it hadn’t been updated since the 90’s. We were happy to collaborate with their team to learn about how to appeal to their potential students (and take them into the 21st century). Nonetheless, we were happy to strategize on boosting student applicants. We did this with flying colors. The other experience we noticed could need some attention was that of students whom already attended the college and needed a simple utility to navigate, consume information, and feel apart of their college. We accomplished this through a variety of methods but the most notable solution was the ‘onestop’ portal, which allowed users to navigate to their most common links. Overall, this engagement was a creative partnership with immense marketing impact and monumental user experience streamlining.


Product Management

Front-end / HTML & CSS

Web Design

User Interface

Graphics & Illustrations

Information Architecture

User Experience

Interaction Design

Form Handling



The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences

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