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Every day we help our clients climb higher. Here are a few we have helped along the way.


With over 1 million weekly subscribers, we were successful in creating a content publishing platform with email newsletter distribution for this vast collection of business owners. After completing the branding, design and development of this site, we helped Biz.me continue to create, edit, and publish content - including copywriting, copy editing, and custom illustrations.


For the last 15 years the web has been built on the fly with ever-increasing issues with malware, performance, and scalability. Netlify solves this throught it’s git-integrated platform that makes sites 10x faster, protects against threats, and scales to any size. We were able to help this progressive company take their developer adoption from ~20k to over 120k in just a year; deploying almost 300k sites a month. This beautiful site won a prestigous Awwward as well as a Vega Award.


In an open-source effort with the Netlify team we worked to create not only a documented methodology for future web development but also an award-winning website (2017 GDUSA American Web Design Awards and One Page Love) that hosts all associated resources for the JAMstack (Javascript, APIs, and Markup). With thousands of visits daily, JAMstack.org has been a vital lifeline in establishing and expanding the adoption of this approach to web development.

The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences

This was an exciting turn around. Christ college approached us with a site that looked like it hadn’t been updated since the 90’s. We were happy to collaborate with their team to learn about how to appeal to their potential students (and take them into the 21st century). Nonetheless, we were happy to strategize on boosting student applicants. We did this with flying colors. The other experience we noticed could need some attention was that of students whom already attended the college and needed a simple utility to navigate, consume information, and feel apart of their college. We accomplished this through a variety of methods but the most notable solution was the ‘onestop’ portal, which allowed users to navigate to their most common links. Overall, this engagement was a creative partnership with immense marketing impact and monumental user experience streamlining.

Historic Eureka Inn

The Historic Eureka Inn is a fantastic place to experience the oldest town in Tennessee - Jonesborough. The inn balances a healthy mix of modern comforts without losing the old-timey charms. We practiced this same balancing act when designing and building their new website. Only a few months since launching, there have been over 30k views with the averge time on the page being just under 2 minutes.

Cincinnati Mine Machinery

Working with Tony and the whole Cincinnati Mine Machinery Co. Team was a delight. We set out to take their antiquated site into the 21st century with a mobile responsive design and a complete restructuring of their content/product inventory and how users navigate these channels on the site. We wanted to make it intuitive and quick, which I feel we accomplished. Furthermore, we wanted the site to serve as a resource for technical spec, historical chronicalling of the 90+ year old company. After nearly a year, the site now boasts stats such as ~20k unique page views with an engaged audience who browse for an average of ~1 min and 30 seconds. Overall, we are proud partners in Cincinnati Mine Machinery Co’s online success. See the success for yourself at cinmine.com.

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